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Zen Albatross – “Masada Gestalt” Review

Zen Albatross’ two track single Masada Gestalt is a particularly abstract way of dealing with chiptune music. The title track is fully fleshed at five and half minutes of obscure building up, insane twisting chords and keys and then your reprieving anthemic finales. It took me three listens to appreciate the sheer awesomeness of the track and now I’m ready to tell the word that throbbing minor keys in a chiptune is where it’s meant to be!

The b-side is “The Absent Flesh” which appears to be a six minute freakout with some intense rising chords building you up for the impending battle or doom you face. Zen Albatross has a knack of building up a track to a huge crescendo even if that peak isn’t always there – it may come a few minutes later instead!

A great introduction to Zen Albatross’ work this free single should hopefully pave the way for an intriguing full album soon.

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