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Tori Amos Live London 2012 Review & Clips

Quite simply – the night was an absolutely transcending magical experience from start to end. I felt all kinds of emotions running through me to the point where I wanted to burst.

Whilst I was perhaps very slightly disappointed that the song selection on Gold Dust was predictable, it was that for a reason. I have a feeling if Gold Dust does well, at some point a volume 2 may be done that will be more daring in its choices – maybe not full orchestra but a quartet again. Each song is wonderfully crafted however and there’s no denying that and the sheer power of the orchestra really pushed home the big moments. Tori was so entranced by the orchestra she came out for Flying Dutchman, sat there and kept watching completely missing her cue! She promptly turned to the audience and said “I’ve fucked it up AGAIN!” In fact Tori was clearly loving absolutely every minute of it. She was beaming, enchanting and having the time of her life fulfilling a dream.

As for the setlist of highlights Flying Dutchman was powerful, Marianne was fiery with the orchestral freak-out moments, Ribbons Undone was wonderfully heartfelt, Girl Disappearing was spellbinding with its final chorus – as was the second half of Edge of the Moon. Precious Things was just as formidable as ever but I loved that the encore included Star of Wonder which is fabulous orchestrated, Programmable Soda which was great fun and Our New Year which is so underrated – I’m so glad it got some love. The final brass booms of “You’re Not Here” had me almost welling up.

Here’s some clips from other fans:

Simpy stunning.


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