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Atticus Finch – “Atticus Finch EP” Review

Atticus Finch have crafted a wonderful sound and their EP is simply one most surprising discoveries I’ve had in the last few months. Their blend of acoustic rock, sympathetic chords and vocals – it just melts together like a top shelf act.

“My Release” opens the EP with radio single hit in the making “Let’s Break Up” being the opening line – you know you’re in for an emotional ride and from the closely recorded guitars that let you hear every single caress of the plectrum on each chord to the way the drums build but never take over the song – its heaven. “Until You Fall” follows a similar path but on a smaller scale with a tight guitar solo and such a simple chorus that is quickly ingrained into your mind as you sing along with it – agreeing with every nuance each of the instruments and vocal inflections tell you.

“One Last Drink” is a little more rockier but is still firmly in the acoustic rock arena. The subtle inclusion of string synths and little percussive fills and rumbles really take what could be a standard track to something just that little bit better than a usual song would give. “Three Sticks” is all about the beautiful interplay between the main vocals that really shine brightly here in a more forceful way and the lead higher keyed guitar which casually whistles mini riffs constantly throughout. Again – it’s all about the perfect melding of a band that seems 100% in tune. “Brian Says” ends the EP with a beautifully underplayed acoustic track with guitars playing together in sympathy and token strings slowly swelling behind them – all the while a vocal that makes me think “if LadySmith Black Mambazo did acoustic rock this would be it” just holds your attention throughout.

I opened the review saying I startled and surprised. Atticus Finch are the real deal. I am simply chomping at the bit for more. A superb EP and a serious contender for my top 10 releases of 2012 and best new featured artist.

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