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Jana Fisher – “Ideals & Deals” Review

Jana Fisher’s début EP “Ideals & Deals” is an excellent trio of tracks that set out a great blueprint for the artist.

“30k” opens up with hip slapping tambourines, punchy acoustic guitars and some excellent lyrics as Jana confidently stunts her vocals over the track. “You Deserve Better” deserves props for pushing a xylophone to the fore of the track alongside the guitars and pianos. There’s a hint of cabaret with the sliding upwards of vocals and chords in the choruses. Each song is simple in structure but has a great hook to it. Closer “I Don’t Want To Break Your Heart” is a sombre affair but actually feels the most complex track with rolling piano and guitar taking the backseat while strong layered vocals and strings push the sweet folksy chorus home. Sweet to an almost childlike innocent, the style counterbalances the spunkier side perfectly.

“Ideals and Deals” is a strong entrance for Jana Fisher and we’ll be looking forward to more (and having her on our latest podcast which will be available later today!)

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