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Concert Review – Thea Gilmore (Union Chapel 2012)

Having only heard one Thea Gilmore song before, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw her live but my partner gives her two hearty thumbs up and we share a similar music taste so I had good vibes!

Thea has a stunning vocal. She is pitch perfect with relative softness and it doesn’t even look like she’s trying. Her tracks are all about three minutes long and she has a way of keeping them simple in structure and form and not in self-indulgence. Whilst in general things were a tad too folksy/middle rock for my usual tastes, I can completely appreciate why she is well liked and she is a very good live act. According to the fans I went with she played just some of her favourite tracks to play and the set missed off a lot of the more well-known tracks. I rather enjoyed myself and will look into her music properly now having seen her live.

Here’s a clip from the night itself:

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