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ISUM – “Bloom” Review

ISUM“Bloom” is an excellent obscure EP for ISUM. I can’t even remember how I came across it initially! One things for sure though – I’m glad I did and now anyone who enjoys things like Atra Aeterna, strange ambience or downplayed misery in a song – get this now.

“Essence of What’s Left” opens the five track EP with a weird guitar warping, sounding like it’s getting stuck and sounding like a ring tone. The whole song is perfectly detuned and its like a chillout Akira Yamaoka. “Restless” expands on the theory by adding drums scarcely and changing the tone throughout. There’s melodies to be found throughout but they don’t stay for long and fade off into other areas. It’s like the song too is restless and when in the final section an electric guitar and drumkit are slowly faded into the mix its done in such a way you don’t notice that suddenly everything is being consumed by it. It’s so cleverly done – hats off!

“Telarea” gets more busy with clicks, twists and momentary spasms of electronic percussion. It’s soon joined by some sublime acoustic guitar that has a Spanish flavour and that too is joined by some wonderfully warped electric guitars. They sound like a funky ringing bell from Tibet. The track is very complex and change happens constantly. Nothing sits still with ISUM. “Del Luna” takes things quieter initially with hushed guitars and wispy spoken dialogue that’s distorted into vocoder. The result when you have muted electronic guitar dripping away in the background is one of eerie beauty. The final track is “Acomodata” which is as close to a proper track as ISUM gets and that’s because he follows a chord structure with this one and it has drums, piano and guitars throughout. It’s warped beauty is so alluring.

ISUM is an oddity. Nothing is quite as it seems. It’s alien. It’s beautiful. It moved me in a way someone digitally ripping instruments to shreds shouldn’t. Everyone should give this a go as their “One weird EP of 2012”

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