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Game Review: 6180 The Moon (PC)

6180themoonIndie titles usually take a singular idea and run with it as far as they can and 6180 The Moon is a prime example of that. The game is almost entirely monochrome and you play as the Moon working his way through various levels to find the Sun which has gone missing. You’ll be able to move, jump and later on hold yourself in the air. So far, so basic but the crux is in the fact that each level is designed so that if you fall off the bottom of the screen, you fall back in from the same place at the top of it. Think of it like a never-ending portal drop and you’re there.

This very simple mechanic is revealed immediately and soon you’ve to doge plentiful spikes and slip through narrow gaps and control constant falls as you continue to move through the level… and these are just in the opening world. Thankfully the controls are very sturdy. Moon has a weight to it so it won’t be bouncing and it will stop on the stop when you stop pressing the buttons. This makes the platforming side much easier to deal with so you can concentrate on how to get across the levels in the best manner. I’ve already found a few people taking different routes to complete a level too which is fantastic. There’s several worlds to complete, each one introducing a new danger to be wary of. There is a very cute but striking story that underpins it all which I really enjoyed too and the soundtrack is so dreamy it feels like piano water drops in the background.


~Multiple ways to complete the same level (by accident or otherwise)

~Generous checkpoint system makes for less frustration amidst constant death

~Striking visuals

~ Sumptuous dreamlike soundtrack which comes with the game too


~Only works in one screen size due to the games nature


6180 The Moon is a superb gem of an indie title. Puzzle platformers will lap this up and enjoy its accurate jumps, slips and slides. When you understand how the game works and runs, you’ll be blasting through it relatively quickly but you’ll still get a few real head scratchers thrown in.


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