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Game Review: Do Not Fall (PS3)

Do Not Fall Game
Do Not Fall – PS3

So as the PS3 enters it’s final life years it’s really lifting the lid on indie and smaller games being released and some of them are fantastic. One that may have passed you by last week is a title called Do Not Fall. It is fiendish!

Dressed up in cute graphics that imbue a last gen feel and a weird plot about being trapped in drink machines, Do Not Fall is a time and precision based platformer. Essentially you are tasked to get the end of each level within a time limit but every piece of fall you stand on will crumble beneath you and disappear as you go. Whilst the floor does reappear again, if you’re caught napping you’ll be falling before you know it. The levels revolve around collecting keys to progress through doors and the levels quickly rise from simple jumps to charging at enemies to performing crazy combos of platforming duties over its 80 odd levels. So long as you beat the bronze time, which is usually easy enough if you survive the level, the next one opens. The crux is nailing gold times and beating your friends.

What’s so refreshing about Do Not Fall is that it takes me back to the late 90’s and early 00’s when gaming was dressed up in fun and approachable clothing and yet there’s a clear challenge throughout. There’s no killing, no weird zombie mode – it’s pure gameplay distilled into a well executed challenge. It runs perfectly too with only minor camera issues on occasion. This doesn’t cause many issues though because the character jumps and moves with a predictable nature and so you quickly feel at home with the game. This helps for speedrunning and going for gold.


~Pure gameplay in a drink machine

~Predictable physics and mechanics

~Easy to learn, hard to master



~Difficulty in later levels may frustrate some (being picky)


Thank you so very much. Do Not Fall is a wonderful breath of fun platform action and a welcome quick five minutes that turns into an hour distraction from all else on the PSN.


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