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SPC ECO – “Push” Review

Epic downtempo electronica straight from the UK
SPC ECO picture

British electronica duo SPC ECO continue to impressive with their dreamy electronica with their recent “Push” EP. The four track prelude to an album release showcases slow driving beats and spacious vocals. “Push”, the single, has a slow-mo feel to the entire track. It also reminds me of Curve only with dance and not rock which is no co-incidence of course given Dean was one half of each band. The electronics sound like mobile phone ringtones slowed down to a melodic crawl too. The “Push (Lady Barcelona Remix) takes the driving beat and gives it more of a swing and clap but is not as strong as the original due to its abstract nature. There is however a great sub woofing bass that will make your walls shake.

Far more interesting are the two additional tracks. “Take Him Down” is a real down tempo minimalist track. The synths are pitched at a really ear pushing level with force whilst shimmering soundscapes fly by around it. There’s bass and electric guitars making interesting riffs and noises but never directly pointing to anything and that creates a disquieting menace. It’s a magnificent track. “Escape From Earth” also has this barren epic feel to it. The fuzzy percussive kick beat toll placed over Eno esque swirling atmospherics lead the almost instrumental track through a dramatic mediation.

SPC ECO are interesting because they spend a lot of time alluding to near melodies and managing to captivate you by not going for the jugular. Best served post 11pm on the cooldown.

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