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Universal You – “MMXIII” Review

Universal You bring you a clash of 80s and 2010s synth pop
Universal You
Universal You

Universal You are a Scottish Synth Pop band that have released an EP in a rather Roman fashion – 2013. It’s a mix of gritty, grungy guitar disco pop and some more psychedelic elements.

“Coming Back For More” has a simple guitar riff that acts as the melody and the bass whilst the vocals lack any reverb and remind me of how dance tracks used to be produced back in the early 90’s before so much distortion became commonplace. It’s a catchy and immediate pop track that would do well in the charts given the right promotion, crossing the mainstream with ease. “I Love You Baby” teases me with the piano stab that opens up Britney Spear’s Hit Me Baby One More Time. This track follows more 2013’s hopping percussive edge and minimalist approach. It goes for all the sex appeal and doesn’t push much of a melody across aside from a few embellishments. This seems to be popular in the pop charts at the moment but I prefer the opening track. “Keep The Faith” really pushes the synths to the front of the track with heavy rubber sine waves and a decent dance beat making the track catchy and memorable with a guitar solo thrown in for good measure. It’s like an 80’s/00’s crossover and I approve! “Love Song” is the most psychedelic and is also a cover too. It works well but is most symptomatic of Universal You’s production where everything is turned up to eleven, sometimes there’s too much competing with your ear.

It’s a solid EP from Universal You and those of you whom yearn for catchy dance tracks from the 90s will lap this up. I label this type of music sleeze cheese because it’s not quite mainstream enough for everyone, has dark filthy tones to it but has all the chords of a smash hit.

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