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Wired to Follow – “Instances” Review

Welcome to a new ambient rock sensation
Wired to Follow
Wired to Follow

Wired to Follow are a British band that work their magic in providing synth post rock sci-fi dramascapes. Their latest EP “Instances” contains four amazing tracks that will introduce you to their sound and it’s available on Bandcamp.

Opener “On-screen Kiss” takes a thick rubbery bass pulse and then adds a swirling electric jangle around it. It forms the base of the track as it swirls around a chord loop and around it other percussion and instruments start to slide in. The bass itself then starts to build into a skipping morse code. The whole track feels like it’s in slow motion and that’s where it’s beauty lies. “Who Lives” sounds like a dirty sunrise. An electric guitar and its feedback are pumped into a small space as it flutters over a celestial keyboard. The rubbing of these side by side makes for something that’s not quite new age, not quite rock.

“Glaciers” continues with icy and gorgeous prepared pianos and bells over ambient guitar rumbles. It reminds me of something Amiina would do on a sombre day. My favourite track though is the utterly heart wrenching and simplistic “Eurovision Song Contest Winner”. It opens just as a brooding monotone noise and then blooms into an emotional piano led melody that grows and develops. It’s such a simple melody but Wired to Follow absolutely nails it.

Anyone looking for their next soundscape of emotion would do well to let Wired to Follow in. Close the door. Turn off the lights. Listen. You’ll be right there with me.

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