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Steven Gizzi – “The Terrestrial Orchestra” Review

Time for some instrumental genre hopping synth play!
Steven Gizzi
Steven Gizzi

Steven Gizzi specialises in moulding different genres and feelings together into one cohesive palette. It’s a challenge and its one The Terrestrial Orchestra pulls off. The name is apt as it feels like a bit of all walks of musical life is thrown in the mix.

Opener “Cloudburst” is a great example. Starting off as a brooding and underplayed majestic organ and synth piece it literally bursts (I know, I know) into a gusty electric guitar, anthemic synth led track with industrial percussion and lots of little tweaks, fizzles and effects that you don’t catch on the first listen. Indeed, its finding little phasing pulsating riffs hidden under the soft and breezy guitars that makes the track fun for repeated listens. “Cascade” then showcases the jazzy electric piano and double bass over a smokey and flexible synth voice. It reminds me of the Brandish Piano Collections and other synth led Jazz albums of the early 90’s. “Cavern” is far more experimental and mental! It’s like an epic anime theme is being played in slow motion. It’s percussion clashes and booms on each smash and the main melody is so giant that it feels like Earth’s Overture. “Combustion” however has an organic element with some beautiful string and tuned percussion arrangements floating around it. It then veers off into  Bastion styled rag-tag acoustic guitar led outback adventure. It’s got swag, swing and a real rocking edge and leads perfectly into the piano rock ballad of “Cognition”. Finishing off the albums love of song titles starting with C, this post-rock epic lets it all hang out with heavy drums, bass and guitar whilst a synth lead acts as an epic guitar solo. It later transforms into an electronica track full of all the wub wubs you could want without being a dubstep.

It’s short but perfectly formed as an artist that isn’t hemmed in by genres and boundaries. The album flows as a whole suite together and it should be taken as one in many ways because the tracks compliment each other well. Steven Gizzi has created a great atmospheric piece and I’m excited to see where he goes next.

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