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MagicalTimeBean – “Escape Goat 2 OST” Review

Goating around with yesteryear

escapegoat2coverCult hit Escape Goat 2 returns to the late 80’s graphical platforming and there’s more than a hint of late 80’s, early 90’s game music fun in its soundtrack, happily crafted by MagicalTimeBean.

Opening with “Restoration” you get a lot of MIDI drums that have that 80’s echo in the production and that will continue throughout. The main voice synth is fun and watery but with a punch. It’s a good melody and have lots of switch ups. “Heavy Forest” is less bouncy and reminds me a bit of Tim Burton with that comedic spooky tinge to the instruments and the timing. It has a feel good factor too and feels like a crisp Mega Drive soundtrack. “One Wish” brings in cheesy organs and tom drums for an 80’s soul pop styled track. It’s catchy riffs on top cover some of the intricate work of the synths underneath which comes to the fore in the middle of the track. One thing I really appreciated on this soundtrack was that each track does have a proper song structure. It’s not just a rotating melody, there’s beginnings, middles and ends.

“Tension” has a thick electric pianos and a lovely bass synth that warps slightly between each note. Funnily enough, despite the name of the track, it’s more mysterious and slower paced than anything else so far! “Reunion” goes for synth rock and the synth electric guitar rocks out in perfect companionship with the crystalline keyboard melodies. The instruments play off of each other beautifully and its a stand out track. “Necromouser’s Incantation” is all about the funky bass line that flexes up the note chart whilst a kooky wind synth plucks the main tune like a guitar. Eerie and slinky. Then comes the single guest track from Disasterpeace called “Lair of Toragos”. It has his signature rain drop style chiptune set and it works well around the other instruments and feels tightly wound. It also works well with “Peaceful Sheep” that is a delightfully zen track using a similar rain drop chipset with pianos and sine synths gently plinking along.

“Lunatix Grave” returns to a more pop tastic sound with cheeky bass lines and low organ riffs. It’s not immediately catchy but it has character that pushes it forward. “The Finest Literature” reminds me of Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles with its style before “Cloak of Darkness” lets loose with a real hark back to old skool arcade games with a crispy guitar chug as the main melody as a hip hop beat let’s it straddle past and present. “Another Calling” then reminds me of a beautiful aquatic symphony with sumptuous pianos and echoing bass drums. Anyone remembering the manta ray PS1 demo will know what I’m talking about. “Farewell” is a warm synth and bell before the dramatic “Caper Erratus” rounds off the soundtrack with a choir absolutely starting off quietly over a simple bass line and then blossoms into a choir and electric guitar climax. It doesn’t explode into a frenzy but it is a grande track and a soundtrack highlight.

MagicalTimeBean produced a great retro soundtrack for Escape Goat 2. It throws back to yesteryear and tips its hat for a lot of genres. Excellent stuff and works perfectly with the game too.

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