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Maximum Satan – “Bardbarian OST” Review

Bardbarian Soundtrack
Bardbarian Soundtrack

Bardbarian, aside from being an amazing name for a game, has a single track for a soundtrack. A full ten minutes and entitled Megamix, it’s a rocking piece that suits any metal head.

Opening and slowly mixing up melodies, Maximum Satan is able to power chord is way through various tunes with the help of a beefy piano. The piano takes over for some of the melodies more than the guitar which will then take over after a big flurry of drums before the next melody takes over. For me the actual track really takes off in the second half where the tension and drama really gets going and the percussion goes metal to the max.

One single track, you can grab this soundtrack as part of a bundle, but if you’re a metal head – this is right up your street!

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