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Us Baby Bear Bones – “Ursari” Review

Industrial pop rock babies final hurrah
Us Baby Bear Bones
Us Baby Bear Bones

It’s terrible when you discover a new band just as they are splitting up but after two EP’s, Us Baby Bear Bones have already gone their separate ways to chase individual projects. However, Ursari is a fantastic swansong.

Opening with gritty “Only One”, you have guitars channelled down into a buzzsaw synth over a heavy industrial beat. The vocal has been treated with a metallic flavour and the result is industrial pop rock with a kick in the teeth. “DNA” uses the same style but pulses a more tribal vibe as the vocals and guitars bend out of tune for the chorus before a chanting bridge kicks in. “She Is” focuses more on bass and xylophone interactions over the top of a chunky drum loop. It’s one of those productions that pushes forward catchy lyrics and little flourishes over the actual guitars themselves. It feels dirty and dark yet has a joyous flick in the production wrist. “Old” has a great synth line that leads the melody whilst other noise and clicks and buzzes around it. The vocals are playing through both speakers and helps the more talkative vocal style in this track stand out. The closing track “Away” is more synth pop based and is a slow burner as things wind down in a noisy rubbery mess.

We wish Us Baby Bear Bones good luck in their future works, but secretly hope they find time to squeeze in an album at some point too. They are one of the best things to pop out of Brighton in a while.

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