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Snesei – “Trinity” Review

Enter a new chiptune challenger

Snesei, a great play on words, recently released a four track EP of chiptune goodness over at Bandcamp and we give it a massive two thumbs up!

One of the things I really enjoyed which opening track “Trinity” does is it swaps out various chiptune sets going from a hissy and warm chipset to sharper waves in other sections. There’s also a fun slow down towards the end as each track bleeds into the other like a club mix. “Synced” is just as catchy and simplistic on the surface as it’s predecessor as the club beat thumps away in the background. After that there’s two remixes. “Trinity (Barbeque’s Pudding Pal Mix)” has an interesting sound balance where a lot of added percussion that comes out a lot louder than the actual chiptune itself. Some of it works well but it twists the tripping beat a bit too loud at times. “Synced (James Landino Remix)” however goes 100% all out as a mad dance track and absolutely pulls it off. There’s some great sound effects from retro games and weaves them into the track perfectly. It’s probably my favourite track on the EP.

Snesei has great potential for the future and the seeds are sown here. Keep an eye on the young master.

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