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Wired to Follow – “Short Code” Review

A short trip through space
Wired to Follow
Wired to Follow

Higher Plain Music does love a bit of Wired to Follow. The blend of abstract synths and careful melodies always sweeps you away into an altered reality. The aptly titled EP Short Code is indeed short, but it’s message is packed into its ten minutes of pure bliss.

“Factory Reset” is a warm shimmering collection of rounded synthesizers that have depth. It’s akin to riding a cosy bubble across a warm Mediterranean sea. It also feels celestial and like a coming of age at the same time. It’s new age feel and stance bleeds through to a spacious echo for “Come Back in One Piece”. The track reminds me of the films Gravity and Moon. Here the warmth is thinner and distant and the resulting noise drone feels isolated and being replayed slow motion. “Ephemeres” then takes a vinyl effect and places it over a tiny piano and keyboard pad track. It then starts to skip backwards at the same time as playing forwards and it feels like a ripple in time.

The beauty of Wired to Follow is that there’s an unspoken story that you write yourself as you listen. What I hear will be different to you and to the person next to you. How something can be so great and yet so uniquely heard is beyond me but this is another stellar release.

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