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Imogen Heap Unveils Several Music Videos

Imogen ramps up album excitment
Imogen Heap
Imogen Heap

HPM loves a good dose of Heap and frankly feverpitch has been hit as we run up to the release date of Sparks. Below are some stunning music videos from her trip to Butan. One is called “Climb to Sakteng” which is a ambient aural piece and is simply beautiful where as “Cycle Song” is very harsh and percussive. Both use sounds from the film she was part of and lots of samples of trekking, animals and local industry is used to create a cyclic melody.

Lastly there’s an in depth making of which is fascinating and opens up more about the movie, the music and Butan’s transitional times.

Climb to Sakteng

Cycle Song

Making Of

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