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Feexer – “Diamonds And Defects” Review

European Electro-Rock made hyper real

Feexer is the monkier for a one man band project based in Italy. Feexer’s music has a pan-European feel to it because he is fluent in several languages and also spreads his work across acoustic rock and indie rock with electronica touches.

His début EP “Diamonds and Defects” opens with “Everything” which is a mid tempo electro-acoustic guitar rock track with some futuristic synth work for the choruses that spirals up and down the keyboards. It straddles several genres and doesn’t really conform to any of them and it’s what initially pulled me into Feexer in general. The track I heard first was “To Breathe” which follows. The guitars are almost keyboard like and the chorus is full of weird synth works over Feexer’s flamboyant vocals. When his vocals are duelled together they really shine as each version is slightly different. It’s a strange track because it reminds me of Soft Cell and the choruses are less memorable than verses initially but on repeat listens the track really shines. “Diamonds and Defects” takes the same vein with its hyper real guitar plucking and it works really well with a fast paced drum track and flowing vocal delivery. It’s the strongest track on the EP and a great place to get started with Feexer. “Horizons” switches things up in pace and drum loop but keeps the same premise. It’s very catchy and quite minimalistic in its approach. The guitar edge is more post rock than pop rock. The closing track is “Begging Time” which is a softer ballad styled piece. The production makes sure there’s a lot of space between the instruments and it emphasis the emotion in the track more. It’s cute and childlike in a way and suits the style of instrumentation well.

Feexer is an interesting artist. A guitar sound that’s so clipped and clear its hyper real – like a synth guitar. It’s what makes the EP. However it may be a bit too poppy for some rock tastes but will go down well with those whom enjoy Frou Frou, Imogen Heap – that kind of “good pop”. A full album release will hopefully see some more diversity in the sound or at least how far it can go and that’s an exciting prospect.

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