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The Peter Ulrich Collaboration – “Dark Daddy” Review

Country Celtic swan song
Peter Ulrich
Peter Ulrich

Peter Ulrich returns with the lead single from his second collaboration effort. After the amazing “The Painted Caravan” I’m expecting more of the same folksy, worldsy mash-up of wonders and cultures. Certainly from the Celtic/Western hybrid of “Dark Daddy” which features the country styled vocals of Erin Hill, we are in for a treat. The guitars and harps work beautifully alongside her voice and as usual with Peter, his percussive ways make for some interesting tweaks in the background. It’s all recorded very close to the ear too so it feels like you’re in the room live with the musicians which is a great choice for hearing all the creaks and finger movement for the instruments. It gives the track an extra breath.

The new albums due out in 2015 and I can’t wait.

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