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Review – VLNA – “Turquoise Threads”

Ambience and introverse

VLNA is an ambient project that spins a wheel of noise and voice over five tracks on this specific Turquoise Threads EP. Each track is titled as the number of its tracklist and there is little to go on beyond it’s initial plucks and trickles.

“I” opens with long drawn out vocal sighs and hums before other instrument harmonics join in along with watery synths. It’s quite cathartic as well as otherworldly. “II” takes a more metallic twist but keeps the same warping water bowl style of noise. The added twisted whisperings keep you intrigued and the occasional string embellishment is nice to have. “III” works a more introverted affair with harsh tape noise and rustling around the edges of the deeper tones and drones. “IV” is more synth focused before “V” completes the set like it’s skimming a sheen of sound out of a bad recording. It’s dissonant and like a damp cave.

VLNA’s Turquoise Threads is ambience and drone combined. I have to be in the right mood to understand it and get it. However, with the lights off and having just watched a creepy movie, that was when this EP came alive. It feels like a Silent Hill background track.

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