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Camille – “Ilo ympia” Review

The voice of a crazed nation

Camille’s French charming voice is one that is fluid, flexible and usually makes up about 80% of what’s being heard through the speakers of her last three albums as other instruments take a back seat. “Ilo ympia” is a live blu-ray and CD combo of a show from her 2013 tour. Its set list is heavy in the dividing” Ilo veyou” which was the album of the time and that may divide how much you enjoy this intimate yet soulful concert.

Almost all the “Ilo veyou” album is played in its entirety without much other instrumentation aside from a guitar on the beautifully poignant “Le Berger”and some piano on “Mars is No Fun”. This section of the set see’s Camille playing with a swinging lightbulb that creates shadow silhouettes of herself and her backing vocalist band, whose hums and squeals and occasional instrument form the music around the voice. It feels like a pure home concert and as quick number after number is bashed out.

Then suddenly things pull together when she dives into her back catalogue. “Ta Douleur” becomes a huge beatboxing barn dance version of the track and “Janine” is superb with Camille making the audience do all kind of silly noises. Audience participation is used for “La France” for a drunk dance at the side of the stage and also to make animal noises for “Cats and Dogs”. It’s in this run through “Pale Septembre”, “Au Port” and “Wet Boy” that the concert really livens up and things return to the quiet singular voice for the closure.

It’s a concert that showcases a lot of talent, but much like the “Ilo veyou” album, talent doesn’t always make for a stunning song. I’ve seen tons of amazing live footage from other tours, and they are grande, multi-layered and daring vocally. This is like the intimate home-brew concert for one on one performance. It’s a different breed. It’s nice to have – but I’d also love the big huge vocal band craziness for the sunny days too as it’s clear she is having a ball on stage.

Enjoy “Au Port” from the concert below:

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