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Wired to Follow – “Read Write Execute” Review

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Wired to Follow
Wired to Follow

Wired to Follow have quickly become one of my favourite noise powered recording artists and with their new album “Read Write Execute” things have been turned up a notch.

Opening with “Constructor” a metallic synth and grizzly bass line rotate around a marching kick drum and percussion loop. It’s melodic in one way and then discordant in another as other instruments detune themselves in and out the mix as more layers are added. It’s like the evil industrial soundtrack to Sim City Hell Edition. “Ready For Passengers” reminds me of Gazelle Twins in the claustrophobic loops paired with cute and eerie female vocal samples that are warped beyond repair. The horror is slowly absorbed when an echoed but calming piano joins the track and you can feel a calmer world during you in which is cleverly done. “-1295222400” is a cryptic name for a cryptic ambient noise track which is a single minute and passes you nicely to the shimmering opening of “Dealing Lightning With Both Hands” and the track initially feels like a bolt is being sparked in hyper slow motion. As piano and percussion begin to filter in, more layers of shine and shimmer are added to this seven minute post-ambient track that builds to a beautiful climax.

“I Can Almost Hum This Drug” continues the push towards electronica with a full on beat and chord progression whilst more industrial sounds make up the background noise of the track. It reminds me of Adam Fielding’s instrumental work at times. This track, like the album in general holds a positive tone to it which is not the norm for this type of music. “352252800” is a lovely acoustic guitar piece with an unusual twang in the melody. “We May Have Hours, We May Have Days” is a pure synth ambience piece that just flows in and out like a slightly edgier Lisa Gerrard ambience track. It leads beautifully into the short “Destructor” that is a piano led lament.

Wired to Follow has done it again. There’s a lot of ambient and fuzzy bands and artists out there that make this type of music but it takes a lot to pull off something that affects you deeply and makes you think and ponder your next move. That’s exactly what “Read Write Execute” does and this album deserves to have Listen added to it.

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