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Tellef Raabe – “Dear Aphrodite” Review

A deep voice and a crazy guitar hook works wonders for my ears
Tellef Raabe
Tellef Raabe

Oh how a lovely guitar hook can pull you in. Such is the case on Tellef Raabe’s new single “Dear Aphrodite”.

As a newcomer to his music, he straddles a world of lush 80’s styled pop but with plenty of weird penchants, folksy embellishments and a deep resonating voice that cuts through all the music and is like warm honey to your ears in a Nick Cave sort of way. The single itself has an ever looping guitar riff that is so beautifully woven throughout the track, it’s that which essentially hooked me and drove me to buy the single. Tellef’s lyrics are quite straight forward but they hit home with the gravity of his voice and the b-side “Bedroom Lights” – an acoustic guitar and layered vocal piece is where this is sold best. It has a purity to it, like you really are in a barn listening to the farmer telling stories. It’s quite entrancing for someone whose ears are usually female vocal orientated (as this site will show).

Tellef’s latest single is a great track and is a great starting point for new fans (hello me) and I cannot wait to dive through his back catalogue to discover more gems.

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