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Nature Ganganbaigal – “Wormarium Soundtrack” Review

Cutesy kids game music meets Mongolian folk master!
Nautre Ganganbaigal

I love what Nature Ganganbaigal has done as a solo artist for Mongolian music – placing it firmly on the map. He brings his talents to game music with the soundtrack for game “Wormarium”.

It’s a happy affair with the cute “Menu Music” which plays various tune percussion over the top of a bouncy dance beat and synth keyboard. The bass is so squidgy too – I just want to dive into a playpen. “City” ups the ante with a frantic run up and down octaves and stanzas whilst the track grows more complex. There is no Mongolian motifs here it’s pure electronic music and seeing how someone shifts from one genre to another is fascinating. “Earth” is more laid back and does carry a more Caribbean influence with brass arrangements and tuned percussion over some good synth ukuleles. “Texas” sounds very typical of the name and also so computerised in its MIDI arrangement its crazy. The jews harp is a nice addition and it’s playful attitude is fun too. Lastly a short one minute track “Zombie” rounds things off with a more bombastic percussive outro more akin to what our Mongolian folk master would usually make.

It’s available for a small price and fans of playful kiddie styled music will enjoy this. It’s not essential and Box Garden from Yasunori Mitsuda is still my pinnacle soundtrack of this genre, but this is still a lovely piece of work.

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