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Iamamiwhoami – “Concert In Blue” Review

A visual feast of electronica

After the fabulous BLUE last year, Iamamiwhoami released a concert showcasing works from her first three albums. She doesn’t perform often live but this pre recorded show says she’s hot property on stage with great use of visuals where needed.

Each track from previous albums is given a BLUE treatment so “T” and “Y” feel a bit more club and dance orientated that before although it’s a subtle reworking. A new song “The Deadlock” is also premièred here and harks back to earlier, darker tones that Joanna Lee had done before the more happier toned BLUE. The songs themselves aren’t far away from their originals and that’s fair enough although some alternative versions would have been nice.

Where the concert excels is in the staging and setting of the concert. A lot of detail is put into things like set design, lighting, the backdrop and the weird shadowdancers that are off set in another room reacting to things. It creates a lovely experience. One piece that does standout is where fans are projected onto Joanna’s dress as she sings. It’s a nice twist, as is playing with a light pool of water on the floor.

It’s a great concert, without a misstep at all. There’s some fun easter eggs to search for and the music is very much on point. It comes with a 35 page PDF document of art and photography too.

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