Yakobo – “Dawn Is Here” Review



Yakobo is probably better known to us as a game music composer for indie gems like Pneuma Breath of Life but he also is a singer songwriter in his own right. Towards the end of last year he released a solid EP that is a great introduction to his music.

The titular track is my favourite. “Dawn is Here” has rocking acoustic and electric guitars and thumping drums that rock and roll their way to big rolling crashes. The second half of the song transitions from bitter sweet to euphoric and Yakobo shows of his vocal abilities by really going for it. The whole thing works as an electro acoustic rock anthem. “Mayflower” is a slow burning dramatic indie rock piece that starts off with a simple guitar riff but upon each iteration it grows and changes, much like a flower that blooms. The big finale is emotive and heavy but the down side is that the percussion seems to be peaking slightly and feels like its slapping your speaker. It only slightly detracts from the performance but it is noticeable. “Plans in my Head” is more mid tempo and standard rock with a more balanced production and is carried by the warmth of the organs and Yakobo’s voice that comes across full of wisdom and emotion. The closer “Water into Wine” is the lyrical peak of the EP with some really clever lyrics about transformation of people.

The whole EP is rocking the bitter sweet afterthought feeling and is a great departure from the game composing Yakobo is better known for. It’s time his rocking is recognised – it’s pretty damn good.

Recommended track: “Dawn is Here”

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Categories: folk, guitar, music, review, rock, singer songwriter


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