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Pine the Pilcrow – “Mirrors and Lights” Review

Dublin symphonic folk trio have the power to melt your heart
Pine the Pilcrow
Pine the Pilcrow

Pine the Pilcrow are a Dublin based band that describe themselves as a minimalist melody maker. Whilst to some degree I do agree with that statement – it grossly undersells just how amazing their début EP “Mirrors and Lights” is. Symphonic folk perhaps is my tagline for them!

“Part of You Died” brings their gently symphonic folk. Gentle and warm piano tones roll around the melody before the cello and fiddle join in to give the gravitas that the lyrics give. It’s a slow and sombre track and the mix of gruff and angelic vocals side by side work an absolute treat. “It’s Only Love” is female lead melancholy track. Gentle and hushed in every way, it’s a delicate piece that wears its Irish nature on its sleeve in the final minute with a beautiful instrumental section. It’s only a trio but it feels so much grander and wider. “Saviour” has an unusual chord structure that rises almost like an ascension but stays very much in the ballad side of things before the closer “Where Are You” brings in the acoustic guitar. After a meditative opening section like a calm American western scene, it slowly builds into rousing folk jig of sorts. It’s great to hear the trio can translate their music into some uplifting moments and change the pace up after three similar tracks.

There is something quite special about Pine the Pilcrow’s set up. I’ve seen some live stuff that shows them playing with more string instruments and it’s quite moving. There’s a warmth throughout, even in the downbeat moments and it’s like an audio honey glaze to the soul. This is a band to watch.

Recommended Track: Part of You Died

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