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Joseph Sant – “Sea White Salt” Review

Dream folk début is salty and lush
Joseph Sant
Joseph Sant

The breezy world of dreamy indie rock is a vast one and filled with some really fantastic artists. Sometimes its difficult to be found in the noise so I wanted to draw peoples attention to a talented man whom released his latest EP at the start of 2016 – Joseph Sant.

The four track EP is filled with light acoustic guitar, airy vocal arrangements and plenty of keyboard washes that evoke waves and the everlasting sea. “Horse at the Beach” kicks things off with a mid-tempo jam. The guitar solo feels like it’s come from the school of late 80’s production as it cuts through the dreams and slaps you in the face. The whole track has a lazy whimsy quality to it could be the audio equivalent to a white washed Instagram filter. “Sea White Salt” slows things down to a warm caress. The big drums smash through the step waltz and the light falsetto singing of Sant’s really shines here. It’s the kind of track you’d get as the teary finale of an indie rom com. “Noreaster” is a more speedier effort and is my favourite on the EP. It reminds me of C Duncan and Sea Wolf collaborating in both production and sound. Joseph isn’t one for cramming lyrics everywhere and this track benefits the most as he gives the middle of track over to the guitar and it’s silky smooth textures. It’s rocky elation in the final third being the natural high of the record. “Only the Shock” is a short and sweet track with Hawaiian folk tinges with its bent guitar twangs and warm vibes.

It’s a short but sweet record for those that enjoy acoustic based rock. You can taste the sea in every song because of its airy production and bright shine in the guitars and vocals. Definitely one to curl up to and I’m interested to see where Joseph Sant goes next after this strong opener.

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