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This weekend – a bumper musical update

This weekend - an avalanche of music!

This weekend is part of a big reveal of some future plans for Higher Plain Music. I’m a one man band and so when working on plans for new things, sometimes I’ve had to sacrifice my posting rate whilst setting up all the building blocks.

To make up for this and to reveal some long awaited plans – this weekend is a bumper update with a new post almost every hour planned. So if you’re looking for some new music to discover – Higher Plain Music will more than have you covered!

The long term plan is to have a brand in Higher Plain Music and its sister Higher Plain Games that I can be able to support long term either on a part time or full time work basis and not as a pure hobby. I have a Patreon set up for supporter but I want to lay out everything I plan to do so that supporters (and myself) feel comfortable at getting value from their donations of support – all of which is so gratefully and humbly received.

Thanks everyone for your patience – I’ll be back to a more regular posting schedule very, very shortly.


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