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Bryde – EP 1 & EP 2 Reviews

The UK's best undiscovered gem

Paper Aeroplanes vocalist Sarah has spent the back end of 2016 raising her solo music career profile. Bryde is the name and her style is in a similar vein to the infectious pop rock hooks that she does as part of her duo project too. I’ve often wondered why Wales haven’t sent Paper Aeroplanes to dizzying heights on the charts and from the first two EP’s – I’ll be asking the same for Bryde too. The music is top-tier.

EP 1 kicks off with “Help Yourself” which is, as most of her songs are, guitar based. Quick verse, chorus transitions keep you on your toes as the distorted electric guitars merge with dirty synths to great urgency and power. “Wait” is the single and is a tight and melancholy track. Bryde’s music is half a shade darker and sadder than her previous work but takes their recent penchant for synth work and interesting percussive choices forward too. Also not enough can be made of Sarah’s emotive and expressive voice. She has excellent range and can convey any emotion on this Earth with integrity. “Nectar” is a simple girl and her guitar track and holds a beautifully quiet space for reflection whilst “To Be Loved” has a slinky and angry bite to its tale.

EP 2 doesn’t change the formula much but certainly contains equally fantastic tracks. “Wouldn’t That Make You Feel Good” is a real brooder with minimal twisted guitar and some industrial clangs behind Sarah’s longing voice carrying the whole atmosphere on its shoulders. It explodes into a huge rock middle eight too and it’s energy carries through into “Honey” which is a short and punchy track you’ll have on repeat to shout along to. “Just” is softer with a southern country bend in the guitar style which pops up throughout her playing but has a real warmth to it here even thought the track isn’t really a happy one. Whilst that track is the delicate one on the EP, “Transparent” is the beautiful one as it grows and develops into an airy and understated anthem and is like the perfect closer for an album.

Bryde’s musical prowess has never been in question and she continues to show just how great she is as a solo artist now too. I’m looking forward to an album of delights but also to see what direction she will go for in it because these EP’s showcase that she can rock it out with the best of them but also sing you to sleep. One of the best underground musicians in the UK today.

Recommended Track : Help Yourself

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