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SPC ECO – “Under My Skin” Review

Electronica haze and chill...
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Hailing originally from one part of rockers Curve, whilst the other seems to have fallen from somewhere exceptionally serene –  SPC ECO has carefully crafted a synth pop based approach for adults who think with the lights off.

“Under My Skin” is their latest EP and is decidedly more introspective and quieter than some of their previous work. Both “Under My Skin” and “Meteor”, the two opening tracks focus around floating chord patterns and Rose’s soft voice that glides from lyric to lyric in a slow motion haze. The culmination is two tracks that feel like they would be on anyone’s 2am playlist. Meteor in particular really reminds me of Emmy Rossum’s style of voice pop – and I loved that album’s surprising amount of depth and flair.

The other side of the EP is a little more industrial and darker. “Creep in the Shadows” has a Mandalay feel to it where it’s taking a variety of fun sounds and twisting them around a slow trip-hop beat whereas “Let It Be Always” takes the concept further and plays off an angelic voice that is almost singing on a different plain to the dark and dank beats and organs that play the melodies. “Found” ends up closing the EP with something more Imogen Heap inspired with a hint of Elizabeth Fraser in there too. A simple dial tone guitar echo rotates around the entire track and it’s the voice that carries the entire piece. Rose sings so close to your ear its like she’s breathing life into your soul, whilst Dean’s atmospherics lay all the foundations to let that happen.

SPC ECO has always inhabited the early morning electronica genre but there’s usually also been a bite to what they produce. Here the bite is removed and replaced with a tender caress and its a great way to spend the hazy hours of the night under the duvet.

Recommended Track : Meteor

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