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Juana Molina returns with new album Halo

She's back and just as crazy!
Juana Molina
Juana Molina

Juana Molina has quickly popped herself into my top tier of favourite musicians and seeing her live cemented that. The album trailer for Halo, her new album due 5th May this year features her eyes on a single bone as it dresses in different clothes and looks rather shifty! It’s both quirky and funny and highlights how much of an individual she is. The lead track that’s available to listen at the moment is “Cosoco” and it sounds like a real cross over between the more structured songs of Wed 21 and all the weird and wonderful sounds and mini solos of her earlier work. She’s not released a duff album yet and on the strength of the single, we’re in no danger this time either.

Enjoy Cosoco below.

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