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Introducing… Angèle David-Guillou

Epic classical musings from a lady with layers of knowledge
Angèle David-Guillou
Angèle David-Guillou

Angèle David-Guillou is a London based French composer and sites Phillip Glass as one of her informed inspirations for her second album which looks set to feature a wide selection of modern compositions. However, the single “Desert Stilts” reminds me a lot of the wonderful Qatsi trilogy of films and their soundtracks from Glass, and latterly Yo Yo Ma. The strings, brass and vocals all combine together in a euphoric and unusual baroque time signature and each time I listen, I find something new to enjoy with it. Angèle also goes into great detail about the history of what she composes and that level of insight is fascinating.

Listen to “Desert Stilts” below – her second album is out in October.

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