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Son Lux – “Remedy” Review

Turning a man into a band
Son Lux
Son Lux

Son Lux are very busy as they continue to move from being a single man effort to more of a band effort. However, its Ryan Lott’s way of making hyper creative and aggressive riffs and chopped up rhythms that continue to make Son Lux as distinctive as they are.

For Remedy, not much has changed but Rafiq and Ian’s contributions continue to feel more at home. Ian’s percussion in particularly moves the music away from a more solid beat to something more human. “Dangerous” is a great opener, full of layers of dense oppressive strings and synths. “Part of Me” however is more like ramming a buzz saw of keyboards into your brain and going to the rock nightclub with them. Throughout this whole EP, there’s a subtle shift to sounds that mimic electric guitars and a whole rock flavour. Yes the electronic element is still in the fore, but its being played like a rock band. “Stolen” is probably the most Son Lux track there, with its heavy blues flavour, warped vocals acting like church organs and big chorus stabs and fits of sound. “Remedy” is a warped gospel like track that’s heavily influenced by Ian Chang’s percussive edge. It’s pulsing heart beat rhythm and soft synths play off the big booming vocal chorus that burst in for the second half of the track.

Whilst not the easiest place to start for a Son Lux newbie, this EP marks a changing of guard so to speak. Proper lyrics, a more electric rockier sound and a full band styled effort. I’m fascinated to see where this goes next but I know for one thing, it will never be boring!

Recommended Track : Part of Me

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