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Explore your meditative side with Laraaji

A spiritual and spacious journey

Laraaji is an artist I’ve only just came across as he is releasing a massive body of work all at once. His meditative work is often drone like, or raj like and takes on an eclectic and electronic form as he mashes acoustic instruments with synth pads and sound samples. He has two pieces of work out shortly. Sun Gong, is a drone like album that precedes a much more varied and stylistic “Bring on the Sun”. However, as his music is really varied I’ve included some a live piece underneath the new album sampler as his live craftsmanship is superb.

You can stream part of the track Introspection below.

He also took part in a fabulous Boiler Room session and opens up with a wonderful autoharp turned dulcimer section before going on a more meditative journey.

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