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Olga Bell – “America” Review

A bonus EP of misfits that don't quite hang together
Olga Bell
Olga Bell

Olga Bell’s 2016 album “Tempo” was a myriad of electronica weirdness that I generally loved and the track America was one of my favourites from it. From nowhere Olga released a short EP containing the closing track from the album as the lead with several new tracks. It’s more of the same weirdness, but this time more freeform.

“America” is a downcast down tempo number with thick bass notes, cynical lyrics and twisted metallic synths ready to swoop and pierce you in the choruses. The instrumental lets you enjoy some of the layered work in more detail before the excellent Kahn Remix takes the song into a more ethereal Bat For Lashes nod. It takes a while to get going but the second half of the tracks is superb. “Special Leave” is all about the percussion. It’s harsh beats wriggle around the minimal melodies and what is there is full of cheap bleeps and warbles. Ending the EP is a two minute vocal repetition of “The cab drivers get in my face”. There’s some jazzy electric piano in parts but it’s a rather unusual track to end the release on as it distorts and warps like a chewed up tape.

Essential? Not in the slightest – but Olga Bell completionists will enjoy the two new tracks and the Kahn Remix of America is great. Just don’t start with Olga here – her album Tempo is a much easier entry point!

Recommended Track : America

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