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Morosity – “Low Tide” Review

Gypsy grunge world fusion that you never knew you'd love

I am a huge fan of cross genre and culture music. I think it’s one of the most expressive and interesting musical arrangements there is. When I came across Morosity, a duo with many worldly motifs firmly embedded into their sound, I was intrigued and interested in their gypsy folk rock melodies. Their second album Low Tide came out earlier this year and for those of us who need a plugged version of the psychedelic folk that fans of Peter Ulrich, Arcana and Unto Ashes love so much, you are in for a treat.

Opening with the melodic dirge of “Mind Over Matter” dulcimer, percussion and tribal chant like hums, the mood is set for an unusual and spectre like album. “The Answer” inserts the rest of the plugged band sound. Electric guitar, drums and a 4AD rock sound pour out. Singer Jesse has a voice that evokes rock from the hay days of Alice in Chains and guitarist Dave has the whammy bar down to perfection as he merges riffs and twangs to create waves of electric to ride on. Mixing the two distinct sounds of the opening tracks “Ouroboros” is hypnotic and entrancing. It’s Eastern influences with a wailing violin hidden under the sea of guitar and percussion really elevates it. The merge of cultures makes a truly unique and layered sound and it’s this depressed worldly mix that elevates Morosity’s sound to a top-tier.

“Moon” is very Americana on the surface with striving guitar chords, chunky drums and that watery chord plucking in the break downs that reminds me of Tool, A Perfect Circle and Soundgarden – just with a more grassroots sound and like we’re trekking across the desert. It has a fantastic climax that paves the way for the mystical “Smoke and Mirrors” that is a grower not a shower. Taking cues from Stone Temple Pilots with its glossy electro-custic rock with an almost Hawaiian style guitar motif over the top, it’s cinematic and breezy at the same time. The kind of track that you can mosh to on in the cool Autumn evenings. “Death Grip” is all about the violin. It’s the most gypsy like track on the album with a bouncing toe tapping guitar rhythm to let the vocals and violin interplay and slide seamlessly across your speakers. Epic and emotional in equal parts, it’s another stand out track.

The album nods briefly towards the Turkish and Middle East with “Limbo” with some excellent guitar play and a creepy end is nigh backing vocal cast of females that coo you to your doom like an evil siren in the sea. Title track “Low Tide” is the ballad on the album and feels quite loose and free unlike the claustrophobic closing track “Adrift” which is like a lost track from the This Mortal Coil series. Think evil Cocteau Twins sailing out slowly to oblivion and you’ve got it. It’s a morbid and downcast end but it’s a fantastic track that’s so simple, but so effective.

For fans of alternative rock, gypsy folk music or dark folk – Morosity will be like discovering a new favourite band you couldn’t believe you hadn’t known before. For those of you looking to try something unusual, daring, but melodic and accomplished (for that read – not arty farty) this is your go to choice in 2017.

Recommended Track : Ouroboros

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