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Foie Gras

Introducing… Foie Gras #RecordStoreDay

Vampire Droning

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The Blue Hour

Introducing… The Blue Hour

If the Cocteau Twins were lost in a mystical forest…

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Morosity – “Low Tide” Review

Gypsy grunge world fusion that you never knew you’d love

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Live Vault – Faun

Celebrating a Tour Edition of their latest album in style

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Waldtraene – “Unter Wolfes Banner” Review

German tavern shanties to raise a flag to

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Video Vault – Saint Sister

Time for the creepy country girls to come to play!

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Halina Heron & Ryan Roth – “The Yawhg EP” Review

Acoustic murmurs within

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Video Vault – Priscilla Hernandez

I think for once, I’ll let this absolutely beautiful track do the talking. For fans of Faun, Qntal, Omnia, Pagan/Neo-Folk, World Music with a difference and something very Lord of the Rings! She did all the illustrations herself too!

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Stream Dead Can Dance’s New Live Album!

Dead Can Dance have their live album from their reunion Anastasis tour ready for release on the 22nd April but you can stream it now from rolling stone. HPM will be reviewing the album once its arrived and HPM will also be going to the 2nd July date at The Roundhouse in London. Excitement is […]

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Video Vault – Faun

Faun are one of my all time favourite bands that could well hit massive heights this year as their latest album came out Monday and it’s their first signed to a large label. Whilst I’ve watched with dismay at various “fans” shouting about the band selling out, I think it’s ludicrous to even state that […]

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Rebekah Delgado – “Don’t Sleep” Review

Rebekah Delgado’s opening album establishes her witchy presence perfectly with haunting guitar melodies, strong overbearing vocals and a penchant for some infectious melodies. “Don’t Sleep” opens with the track “Little Boy Blue” which plays with the nursery rhyme but making the track a cute swinging beat but actually anything else if far from cute. To […]

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