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Introducing… Foie Gras #RecordStoreDay

Vampire Droning
Foie Gras
Foie Gras

Angry? Check. Brooding? Check! A bloody brilliant music video? Holy moly check! Foie Gras has previously been part of the drone music scene. If you haven’t experienced drone music before – it’s usually about keeping singular notes, or a pattern sustained for long periods of time. Done music comes in various formats, some are meditational – while others, like Foie Gras, would rather take the dark path. Her new single “Red Moon” is like taking a devil like elixir as rumbling guitars and mumbled vocals spew an endless crawl of damp onto your ears. Drone isn’t for everyone, but Foie Gras’ rockier drone direction is an example of drone done fantastically well.

Enjoy the rather messy video for Red Moon below. Foie Gras has a new EP due out later this year.

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