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Introducing… Rodney Cromwell #RecordStoreDay

Typically seedy yet British
Photo by Gid Cresswell
Rodney Cromwell

Rodney Cromwell’s simple but darkly comical retronica, as I will brand, is so awkwardly British in its rigidity and robotic evil synthiser ways, I giggled and danced at the same time. Cromwell’s new EP”Rodney’s English Disco” is a treat for vintage synth lovers as he dives back to old Boss Dr-55 drum machine and gave himself parameters for using only certain analogue synths to record with. The result is something that sounds like it could have been released in the mid 70’s or 80’s – despite enjoying today’s technical marvels too. It’s that kind of seedy neon fun that Soft Cell enjoys.

The single “Comrades” has a great music video so enjoy it below. The EP is coming 25th May.

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