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Marasy – “Vocalo Piano” Review

When computers turn into ivory tones

As a large vocaloid fan, when I need my fix of happy, hyper and super catchy music – it’s the genre I turn to over and over, across all kinds of styles too. Taking away the synthesised voice, and behind the tech usually is a catchy, complex and beautiful melody and its this that Marasy has cultivated with Vocalo Piano.

Marasy’s piano arrangements of dramatic pop, rock, swing and techno tracks leave your fingers aching at the thought of keeping up. Whilst I won’t specifically talk on a track by track basis for this review, all I can say is that the sheer craftsmanship is in the very top tier. It’s the kind of piano arrangement that you would expect duelling pianos to take on, but it’s just two hands and one man rocking out on the ivories. If you haven’t heard vocaloid tracks before, you may miss some of the initial wow factor at seeing a 180bpm track turned into a massive jazzy rock piano number, but you will certainly not miss the style, elegance and talent on display. There’s confidence in every track and a certain classical showmanship that makes every track have that euphoric moment in its arrangement.

For classical styled piano music, that is so blatantly not classical at all, I honestly can’t think of an album that excites me as much as this. This ones for all the piano lovers out there.

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