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Minute Taker – “Reconstruction” Review

Lusciously marching towards dreamlike madness

Minute Taker
Minute Taker

Subtitled a mini album, Reconstruction is a six track EP that comes off the back of composing and touring a dark stage performance HOAX. The play’s title itself plays with the notion of real and fake – and Reconstruction continues that path with a wonderfully eerie dream like collection of tracks.

Opening with “In Slow Motion” we are introduced to Ben McGarvey’s smooth voice that creates a lush cooing backdrop for much of the release. Layered over that are piano and keyboard synths that evoke an endless shuffling that is both unnerving and off kilter. It’s like you’re marching down the rabbit hole to madness and you can’t stop marching onward. Nowhere is this feeling better encapsulated than the excellent “Nothing To Fear”. It’s simple riff on repeat is delicate and cute but has a forboding quality to it and Ben channels Marc Almond’s drama in sonic form – but in a more low-key fashion. “Merge (So Divine)” is a rework of the excellent track that takes into account the more jazzier, tuned percussion undertones of the EP. Whilst its more uptempo than the previous tracks, it’s clear that this stage like version is more theatrical rather than going for the jugular which the original does.

“Reservoir” straddles the middle ground of the previous tracks. Crunchy static marks the drums as vocal tuners twist a chorus of Minute Taker’s as track moves from something cleansing with organs and voices, to a darker more metallic and sharp tone. “The Weight Of It All” pushes the ever-present piano to the fore for a gorgeous and rousing track. The waltzing march that is here through the course of the EP has a bossa nova verse and then a dramatic explosive chorus. It’s the kind of dramatic track you’d have an a concert closer. The EP actually closes with the jangle fest of “Heart” with bells, synth buzz saws and heartbeat kick drums that evoke a flatlining heart in need of bringing to life. Sonically the track is a collage of all kinds of things in the second half of the track and again shows what scoring a play can do for an artists craft.

Reconstruction is very much a continuation of themes for Minute Taker. If you’re already a fan, you’ll love it. If you’re new to one of dream pop’s best kept secrets this is as good a place to start as any. You’ll be lulled into madness, and you won’t care a bit.

Recommended Track : Nothing To Fear

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