Lone Kodiak – “Feet in the Water” Review

Heartbreaking melodic post indie rockers that wear their hearts on their sleeves
Lone Kodiak
Lone Kodiak

Lone Kodiak popped onto my radar mid last year with two fantastic singles and so I eagerly snatched up their EP when it came out in December. In the holiday rush, many great releases are missed and I want to make sure you didn’t miss this indie rock gem.

From the opening moments of the Irish tinged “Calm Down”, you can feel the emotion in each instrument and the dual vocals that Lone Kodiak now sports following the sad death of their former front lady. I think knowing their past struggles in advance makes every euphoric call to calm down, slow down – or just the rousing way the chorus bursts into life from the whispy verses – makes everything feel that more emotional and grounded. For an indie rock band, Lone Kodiak moves between those bittersweet post-rock moments to big arena stompers with ease. Militant riff attacks in “Smile” see the guitars and drums shine with fills and embellishments aplenty. “Periscope” plays with post-rock drama with huge reverb on the drums, as it transforms into a stadium arm waving singalong. “Someone Else’s Future” is utterly heartbreaking and a fantastic track. It’s a masterclass in how to make an effective emotionally charged piece of music. From the glockenspiel to the guitars, the big drums and the lilting vocals – ah its perfection. It lets you slide into the quiet “Every Last Good Thing” as if its a musical blanket to snuggle into and the ethereal “Calm Down (Living Room Version)” is like an unplugged rendition from a country barn that has access to a string quartet. Beautiful.

Lone Kodiak’s sound, craftsmanship and performances are superb. If you need to go back and grab any end of the year music – make it this. You won’t regret it.

Recommended Track: Someone Else’s Future

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