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Higher Plain Music to support Survival International

Expanding to supporting two charities
Survival International

As a content creator on the internet, I run a few websites and YouTube channels and receive a very small revenue stream from adverts, paid events and Patrons. I’ve made no secret, I’d like to grow this into something of a viable part-time business but part of that has always been about giving back. Over the last few years, I’ve always given to charity MAP, which deals with medical relief when a disaster occurs. I’ll continue to support MAP in the future but would also like to support Survival International too.

Survival International work with tribal communities that are facing eradication from the world as large corporations and Governments look to use the natural resources they reside in. This often leads to tribes dying off after making contact with the outside world, or being forced into slavery, being subject to racist regimes or simply losing their way of life as they have no one in the legal system to help them have a voice. I have long been a fan of Bruce Parry’s work and whilst he isn’t affiliated with Survival International, I strongly recommend his TV series Tribe, and his new film Tawai which explains much about why I want to support this cause.

Whilst I appreciate my contribution is very small, it means a lot to me so if you do feel like supporting what I do online with this website, and my other projects – please know you’ll be helping others too. Thank you.

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