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Video Vault – ionnalee

A full 53 minute film that showcases the amazing new album



ionnalee, the moniker of Joanna Lee who is the lady in control of Iamamiwhoami (still with me?) launched her first album under the ionnalee name – marking her version of a solo album. It’s pretty damn amazing and everyone who loves Iamamiwhoami will enjoy this too. Lee has always been an audio-visual pioneer, and so her album also comes with a near full album video to accompany it. It takes snapshots of bits of songs from the album, so you’ll hear stems and sections of songs rather than whole snippets, but it’s Lee’s delivery is spooky and ethereal  – you’ll be ensnared from beginning to end.


The album, and film, are called “Everyone Afraid to be Forgotten” and you can watch the full 53-minute video below. An album review is incoming (short review – love it)]

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