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A small site update for Higher Plain Music

Updates (no its not April fools!)

Hi everyone,

A minor site update today that I just wanted to make everyone aware of. I have decided, with a somewhat heavy heart to try out some advertising at the bottom of each post on the website. Maintaining the four websites I costs about £250 per year and whilst I am happy to foot the bill, when the radio station starts off later this year, that bill will rise quite dramatically. If there is a way to help reduce that cost down a little without being too intrusive to my readers then I’d like to investigate it.

The advertising will be on trial for the month of April whilst I decide if it’s actually a good fit or not. I’m only prepared to place ad’s at the bottom of posts and pages because I don’t want them to get in the way of the actual articles themselves. I’m not a pushy salesman and I never will be 🙂

That said, with upcoming radio stations and podcasts adding to the mix of websites and YouTube channels I run, if you do get a lot of enjoyment out of what I do and would like to support me in what I do, I do run a Patreon account where you can support me for as little as a £1 a month. It doesn’t need to be an all-time thing – but all and any support is gratefully received.

Lastly, I’d really appreciate your feedback for future things you’d like to see on this website. Would you like somewhere to chat with a community? Would you like a YouTube channel or Facebook group? Any new types of posts? Let me know either by commenting below or sending an email.

Thanks as always,


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