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Max LL – “Civilization” Review

Feeling the Latin groove
Max LL
Max LL

As a composer, Max LL bounces between many different genres with his trusty guitar skills being the main thread through them all. His new EP “Civilization” shows off Max’s versatility as he tackles different musical cultures. Max states its part of a series and this EP is all about Spain.

Opening with the flamboyant “Catalunya” we have beautifully tinged Spanish guitar that is more about the rush of chords than anything more delicate and intricate. This is about chords progression, structure and the surrounding instruments. Lush strings, pounding wooden percussion, church bells and the flavour of the city shine through in a strong and pronounced way. When paired with the gentle and breezy “Andalucia” the two share the same base palette but couldn’t feel more different. This track is more detailed guitar wise as it flicks between the Spanish and the Arabic nuance of Ladino – although as the track progresses into its fury and flurries, it feels more like a Spanish Western – full of drama and glory. “Civilization (Roma)” pushes a flowing string arrangement to the fore seeped in woodwind and underpinned with a strumming guitar or piano. It’s both beautiful and lamenting as the track lilts with that saddened tone Latin music can do. The EP closes off with the short “Serenata” which is a quiet and whimsical finger-plucked guitar piece which I wished was longer.

Max LL has something great going on here if this becomes a series. His composition and guitar work are fantastic and when my only criticism is that I simply wanted more than the 12 minutes here, then you can’t fault it. Fans of Spanish tinged music – you’ll lap this up!

Recommended track: “Andalucia”

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