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My Brightest Diamond – “Champagne EP” Review

To the dancefloor
My brightest Diamond
My Brightest Diamond

Always changing up her sound, the latest EP for My Brightest Diamond see’s her turn her guitar and charms to something more danceable and electronic. There were elements here before from her previous work, but this is the most overtly electronic and funky.

The title track, which is available in English and French, rely on a twisting curve of a bassline that slowly bends upwards at the end of each line. The verses are punchy but have little in the way of melody and that’s saved for the big middle section which is groovy and disco inspired. There are hints of previous music with creepy backing vocals that sound like ghostly sirens – and that’s brought forward in the heavily percussive “Valley Hush Remix”, whilst the “Monty Luke Update” is my least favourite as it goes for a low-fi dance vibe and uses little of the original source material. The b-side so to speak, “A Million Pearls” is a slow dirge of rubbery synths that feel oppressive and machine smashed. Its neon-tinged apocalypse soundtrack lets Shara’s amazing voice take centre stage and she absolutely works it.

Champagne is interesting because the lead single isn’t as catchy as I thought it would be several listens in as it lacks a certain step up during the track, but the b-side is utterly sublime. I always find Shara’s work grows on me over time though so I’m not worried. I’m really intrigued by the new direction and looking forward to seeing where it leads.

Recommended track: A Million Pearls.

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