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Introducing… Great Pagans

Great Pagans
Great Pagans

Dreamy pop rock that mixes some of the best production from the new romantics’ era with some of the modern-day misery we all know and love. That’s how I’d describe Great Pagans and the latest single “Renaissance”. There is a hint of David Bowie about the bands sound, which is interesting as they have a cover of “The Man Who Sold The World” over on their Bandcamp page.  The mix of light shoegaze in all the guitars and synths create an airbrushed fizz across all the sound which is great to sing along to and I expect more from them in the future. Great Pagans released their debut album back in 2014, so hopefully, this is a prelude to a new album or EP. Aside from the music itself, vocalist and guitarist Alex is also a co-founder of the label Anti Ghost Moon Ray based in Brighton, which also has Gazelle Twin on their books.

Enjoy “Renaissance” below.


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